Naruto 673
Gaara: Naruto...when you become Hokage...let's get hella turnt.
Naruto: Bitchin'.




saying “ow” when you get hit in a video game

To the anon who needed advice, if you're boyfriend isn't accepting of your friends be it because of their sexuality or your history with him then I think you need to sit him down and talk to him about it. Figure out his problem with them first and then assess what you need to do to fix it, be it cutting off your friends or your boyfriend or just convincing your boyfriend that there really isn't a problem.
Hi there just want to ask some advice if possible. I am a straight female. One of my exes is gay and I am fine with that. We have known eachother forever and have adopted eachother as siblings as we are both only children. My current boyfriend is weirded out by our relationship. I am not going to stop being close with him or his boyfriend because of my boyfriends ego. How do I handle this without my big mouth getting me in trouble again. P.S am I their hag?

then just tell your boyfriend to deal with it? like if hes a giant asshole about the whole thing hes probably not worth keeping around to ruin your great friendships with the other two but idk im not good with advice sorry :/

I wanna be your baby ; A;

If you had the power to touch any thing and for it to turn to gold what would u touch and y

nothing because i hate gold

i just went through your nsfw blog and it was a religious experience

i hope you enjoyed yourself